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Heat Sink & Diffuser for LED Module

Heat Sink & Diffuser for LED Module Heat Sink & Diffuser for LED Module

Product ID: AL2015 Series / DF Series

* In order to keep high power LED in lower temperature, MCPCB requires additional heat sink to dispatch heat from LEDs to air.
* The lower temperature of high power LED is, the longer life span of high power LED could be.
* Caution : the temperature of MCPCB must be lower than 70 deg. C while operating.

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Black anodized AL Heat sink & Diffuser
 Part No. Dimension Corresponded Diffuser
AL2015-B500 500mm(L)x26mm(W)x15.5mm(T) DF-500
AL2015-B300 300mm(L)x26mm(W)x15.5mm(T) DF-300
AL2015-B150 150mm(L)x26mm(W)x15.5mm(T) DF-150
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